All the cast and fabricated components of my silver and gold jewelry are made from recycled metal, including any handmade chains. However, I have not been able to verify that the commercial chain or base metal elements (copper, brass, and bronze) that I use is made from 100% recycled content.

If we are working on a custom piece together in which I will be sourcing a diamond for you, I will obtain it from vendors who can provide certification to verify that the diamond is recycled, or (in rare cases depending on the nature of the stone you are looking for) of Canadian origin. 

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the supply chain of custody of most colored stones in the jewelry industry, I do not know the origin of many of the colored stones that I use in my jewelry. I take part in 

I conserve as much of the metal scrap, filings, and dust as I possibly can and refine them. This seems like common sense because in theory it saves money, but the sad truth .

I forgo toxic chemicals whenever possible and use less environmentally damaging alternatives vinegar pickle.

I give back--- i am a member of   and   

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