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Repairs & Resizing

Repair Policy:

Olivia will fix any reparable damages the buyer incurs to a purchased piece for a fee determined upon inspection of such piece. The buyer is responsible for shipping the piece back to Olivia so she can assess the cost of the necessary repair: return shipping costs will be included in the subsequent quote.

Sadly, devastating damage to pieces including (but not limited to) deep scratches and/or gouges, cracked or crushed stones or glass, severely bent metal, etc is not always reparable. That being said, Olivia understands that crazy accidents can happen and is willing to assist the buyer in any way she can in the reconditioning or replacement of one of her pieces!

Considering Olivia designs and makes each of her pieces from scratch she knows them best and discourages the buyer form taking them elsewhere to be worked on. Olivia is not accountable for the work of other jewelers or craftspeople.


Purchasing a ring at the correct size without trying it on beforehand is one of the trickiest parts of ordering jewelry online, so Olivia Marie offers one complimentary resize of any new ring, up to 2 full sizes larger or smaller, within the first year of purchase. The amount of time it takes to resize your ring depends on the complexity of the design but will generally be 2 to 3 weeks plus shipping.

Any resizing requests after one year from the purchase date will be performed for a nominal fee to cover the cost of labor and shipping.