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Jewelry Care

You will receive individual care instructions with each piece you purchase from Olivia Marie, but here are some general rules of thumb when it comes to keeping your jewelry looking its very best:

Humidity is your enemy..

Metal naturally tarnishes, or darkens with exposure to the atmosphere over considerable amounts of time. This can happen relatively quickly to silver, but not to worry-the surface of Olivia's pieces may be wiped clean with a soft polishing cloth to remove such oxidation. Nevertheless, avoid storing your jewelry in especially moist or humid areas (i.e. steamy bathroom cabinet), as it will accelerate the build up of tarnish.

The packaging encasing Olivia's jewelry upon arrival contains tarnish resistant tissue paper or anti-tarnish strips. Storing your piece in this original packaging when not wearing it is best practice (plus it makes a cute home for your special little treasure)!

Avoid Chemicals.

Lotion, makeup, and hairspray can dirty and tarnish jewelry. It's best to put your jewelry on after applying any such products. Also steer clear of household cleaning agents like bleach and solvents.

Remove your jewelry when you swim (in the pool or ocean), shower, go to sleep, and exercise.

Other activities that may warrant the removal of jewelry, and rings in particular, include; gardening, baking, doing dishes, throwing pottery, get the idea, right?